For Real Estate Investors

In the non-traditional real estate market such as real estate investing, we have worked with several local real estate investors helping them achieve their goals whether it's purchase and hold or purchase at a discount, rehab to market condition and sell at a profit. We work closely with our investors providing as much guidance and consultation through the entire process from identifying a profitable deal, acquisition/closing, rehab/renovation process through listing and resale of the property.

Real Estate Investor Mentorship Program

As an investor we can also assist through our Real Estate Investor Mentorship program or by simply serving as your buyer's agent on the front end of the process. We have hands-on knowledge and experience working with various local contractors to successfully complete the scope of work following standard construction process to produce a quality finished product to yield fair market value upon resale. We can also serve in the capacity as your listing agent following the rehab/renovation process. We are here to serve, Meeting all of your real estate needs.

In the spirit of full disclosure and total transparency, as Managing Broker here at Alliance Enterprise Services LLC, I personally invest in real estate doing dealing using Hard-money. I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Indiana, currently the Managing Broker/Owner here at Alliance Enterprise Services LLC and a member of the Central Indiana Real Estate Investment Association (CIREIA).

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